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Food Pantries

Churches United hunger ministry has 25 Food Pantries, responding to over 118,000 needs for meals annually throughout Rock Island and Scott Counties. Over 100 churches and other organizations contribute money or food and scores of volunteers to operate them.

Emergency Food Pantry Access:
Emergency food pantries are located in neighborhoods. A person/family in need can visit the food pantry that serves their location and receive 3-5 days of emergency food for free. The Food Pantry you visit will ask you for identification (drivers license or state ID) and documentation showing your residence address (utility bill, rent receipt, etc.) delivered through the mail with a date stamp within the last 30 days. Call Churches United offices (563) 332-5002 to find the location of the food pantry that serves your neighborhood.

Can someone go back for more?
The Food Pantries operated by Churches United will provide food for you (if you live in their geographical area) on your first visit whether or not you have a referral form. If you have a need for emergency food more than once within a 30 day period, you will need a referral from your caseworker, pastor, school nurse or counselor. This will allow you to work with someone that can help you solve the challenge of providing yourself with proper food and nutrition.

If you do not have a caseworker at a Quad Cities helping agency:
Illinois Residents contact:
Project NOW www.projectnow.org
Department of Human Services www.dhs.state.il.us

Iowa Residents contact:
Community Action of Eastern Iowa: www.caeiowa.org
Department of Human Services http://dhs.iowa.gov

Churches United can not serve as your caseworker or provide you with a referral form.

How can I/we help those who are hungry?
The Churches United Hunger Ministries are made possible by over 500 generous, hardworking and dedicated volunteers. Volunteers do a variety of things to help the operation of our food pantries. Become a part of our volunteer team by:

  • Packing boxes/bags of food to give to clients.
  • Assisting in volunteer coordination.
  • Gathering groceries and donations to stock the food pantry shelves.
  • Transporting donated items from the food bank or local stores.
  • Hosting a Food Drive.
  • Donating through the Virtual Food Pantry.
  • Praying for Churches United.
  • Contributing financially. For every dollar donated, Churches United can purchase 6 pounds of food! Your financial contribution to Churches United can go a long long way toward helping to alleviate hunger in the Quad City area. 
  • You can make a donation by clicking here.