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902 East River Drive

Winnie's Wishes is completely run by volunteers. This spacious 2500 sq. ft. store has three showrooms stocked with gently used clothing, furniture, small appliances, toys, household goods, linens, antiques, collectibles and so much more.

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Winnie's Wishes

A purpose you ask? YES!
* Anything sold out of the store goes to benefit "Winnie's Place" - a shelter for women with or without children who are homeless or victims of domestic violence.
* Winnie's clients will be able to shop the store for FREE!
* Many people like donating items to the store that will help Winnie's Placee and know that it's helping people right from our own area.
* With so many feeling passionate about the women & children in shelter, Winnie's Wishes provides an opportunity to volunteer in the store. Winnie's Wishes will help support Winnie's Place financially thanks to the donations of Quad City citizens.

Stop at the area's newest resale shop and help support Winnie's Place women's shelter!

Both Winnie's Wishes and Winnie's Place are ministries of Churches United of the Quad Cities Area. Providing shelter and the basic necessities, safe housing and meals for these residents.